Sky ECC for ±200K global users

Can somebody give some insight in the service(€2000/y) glitch?

Hi, just to be sure to understand. Are you lookig for Sky ECC services ? or you’re meaning about the JAMS subscription offer we have for a private use of Jami ?

Not looking for sky. Do you mean with jams subscription ‘you get the privacy’?

Depends of which privacy you’re speaking about. Jami assure you e2e encryption for your p2p device to device communication. All information stays on your device. But you need to create an account (your Hash, with or without a username). JAMS allows you to manage a private network of users, only able to communicate together (either by linking JAMS to an AD or LDAP, or through a local database). So you’re able to create users and to revoke them. Is that clearer for you ?

Hi @Christophe . In your reply (your Hash, with or without). I made a comment in ‘Use of Blockchain’. The Hash is a result of the Eth smart contract or similar. Can another hash-format be applied/stored inside jami app? I’m thrilled to assimilate the core concepts of jami. And somewhere at the end of the day/month/year having a POC , jami <> different blockchain project with ultiem goal an p2p comm. without nameserver.

Hi @odlaetet, The hash of an account is the fingerprint of the account key, not the result of a smart contract. And for the moment we do not support other identifier formats, but in the long term, ideally we will want to move on to something other than sha1. (Replace SHA1 (&5) · Epics · savoirfairelinux · GitLab)

Did Dutch & Belgian investigators hacked the ‘code’ ? First counter from skyecc was : no, only clone users are affected.
Along the way, I think a pile of bitcoins (and others) are ‘waiting’ for new owners…