SMS forwarding to SIP Account added to JAMI from

I am trying to have sms/mms messages that I receive forwarded to my SIP account added in JAMI.

I have enabled to appropriate setting in, and have have spoken to about this already. SipSimple was enabled on the appropriate server, however, I still don’t receive incoming in JAMI though outgoing work.

Is there any settings I need to configure? As a note these are connections with tls enabled.

Do you see something in their web interface (the one showing the incoming messages?)

If so, can you provide logs while receiving a message in Jami (even if jami shows nothing, some network operations must occurs and be shown in the log) to be able to provide further debug.

Yes, I see both messages in the web interface of, and receive the forwarded sms to email, but forwarding to SIP account doesn’t work. I will figure out where the JAMI logs and see how I can access logs today. I am new to this so this will be great learning experience. Thanks for the help. Will post again once I have some data.