SMS Setup in Jami

My VoIP service provider claims I can receive SMS (MMS) messages from their service on my computer, just like one gets text messaging on a cell phone.

I have received username, password and domain info from them. I am using Jami “Together” built on 2021-01-17 21:39:58 UTC on Debian 11.

What steps are needed to do this in the program?


This version is old, so at first, update.

Then it should be nearly only Config in the provider interface (takea did, probable enable the option for sms)

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I upgraded to the latest version. I saw a new display. I read the following instructions:


How can I set up a SIP account?

](Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Go to your Jami account settings:
  2. On GNU/Linux and Windows, click the gear at the top right corner of your Jami interface and click the Account tab.
  3. On OS X, click Jami on the main menu of your Mac, and then click Preferences and the Account tab.
  4. Add a SIP account
  5. Under the list of your accounts, click on the arrow to the right of the Jami button, select SIP and click on the + sign

However, I cannot find the place to add an account.

In add acount, advanced features, create a SIP account.

Okay, I think I found what was wrong. Evidently the directions are totally incorrect. Here are the correct ones in the latest version on Debian 11:

  1. Open program
  2. See left panel
  3. Look for down arrow icon and select it
  4. At bottom of list is “Add Account+”, and select it.

This is just a simply layout problem, but the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl-J, can help here. The movement between windows and settings and other parts are a little bit of a mishmash, but it can be easily fixed with a little tweaking.

Now to find out if it will work with my service provider to handle text messaging.

Now my service provider sees it trying to connect with their server. I claims that the password is not being authenticated.

I also notice that the new account has an orange dot in the lower right corner of the account icon. The main account show a green one.

Any ideas about that?