Some suggestions about groups

  1. increase the approval process for joining a group.
    Allow administrators to review members who apply to join the group, and only after approval can they join the group. This feature can also be disabled by default
  2. add group IDs.
    Jami can send text messages when adding contacts, can we combine the IDs of group members with the group IDs?
    Send a request to join a specific group to the group members through their IDs.
    This way we can determine who invited which user to join the group.
    If combined with the first point, group members will send the request to the administrator for approval.
  3. add the function of annotating important group messages, so that group members can read important messages annotated by group administrators in a dedicated partition. (Similar to a bulletin board)
  4. adding deputy administrators to the group can help administrators manage some functions of the group.
  5. make calls to specific members within the group.
    Special reminders can be given to those called members to read messages.
  6. add date function to chat records, which can be sorted by date, or select a specific date and jump to it

Actually lot of this is already an idea:

  1. The swarm was designed to get 4 modes, admin_invite_only, invite_only, public, 1:1. For now only invite_only & 1:1 exists. admin_invite_only would be your request
  2. would be public in my previous form.
  3. Would be great indeed, same for pinging people/Pinning
  4. Actually the idea here was to transform every action with permission. And be able to create new roles. With this some can have the permission to send text/reactions but not call or kick someone for example. There is a ticket on gitlab
  5. May be grouped with previous point
  6. search is doing a git log, so it can technically takes more parameters (date/author,etc). This wasn’t planned but there would be a way.
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