Sometimes it is impossible to receive an incoming call to the JAMI

If the program window is OPEN on my computer desktop and someone calls me at this time, I see two buttons in the program window: red (reject the call) and green (accept the call). This I described the normal way of receiving an incoming call. Next, I describe the problem. If the JAMI window is minimized and the program is running, then 2 situations may arise here:

  1. If someone calls me, a pop-up message appears at the bottom of the computer desktop (in the lower right corner) with the text: “Calling you …” - and then the name of the caller. If I CAN’T click on this message before it disappears, then everything is fine: a full program window appears on the computer desktop with two buttons: red and green. By clicking on the green one, I can take an incoming call.
  2. If I DON’T KEEP IN TIME to click on the pop-up message “Calling you …” and it disappears, then it becomes impossible to receive an incoming call. When I expand the program window from the minimized state, I see that I have an incoming call. But there are NO buttons to accept or reject it! And I can’t do anything. In the end, the call ends itself and I receive a chat message: “Missed incoming call”. Why does this happen? I cannot keep the program window maximized on the computer desktop all the time. Why sometimes the buttons “Accept a call” or “Reject a call” are not visible?
    I forgot to say about one thing: for some reason incoming calls are silent. There is no sound notification that I have an incoming call. Why?
    Here are my 2 questions.


Can you please tell us which platform you are on (one of GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS), and what exact version of Jami you are using? Also, would you be able to capture a screenshot of what you see in the case when you have an incoming call but there are no buttons to accept it?

As for why there is no sound, I’m not sure off top of my head, but if you could tell us which platform and Jami version you’re using, we could look into and try to reproduce the problem.

Hi! My operating system is Windows 10 home 64 bit, all the latest updates are installed. Jami’s version is 202105211640.

I am sending a screenshot taken at the time of an incoming call. I have a Russian program interface. But I pointed out important points with arrows. The call is in progress, but there are no buttons to accept or reject it. And then it ends by itself with the appearance of the inscription “Missed incoming call”

And here is an example of a normal incoming call when the program window is open on the desktop of my computer, or I managed to click on the pop-up message “Calling you …” that appears in the lower right corner of the desktop, near the time and date.

Nobody knows the answer to my question?

Thanks for the information and screenshots, I’ll pass them on to my team members who work on the jami-qt client on Windows.

Hi @Alex ,

Thank you for sharing it,

And I may have an idea what your problem is,

Do you have your windows notification system enabled?

Or do you receive any notifications in the first case?