Status of jami-project/packaging/rules/rpm ? (targets suse/rhel)


I am trying (rather unsuccesfully) to build jamid on opensuse, final target being RHEL/Centos/Rocky. The available spec files BuildRequires seem to be rather incomplete and the build fails sooner or later.

Are the spec files kept up-to-date at all?

What alternative approach to a non-root build of rpms is feasible (if not via rpmbuild)?

Maybe I just did not find the documentation, or, respectively, an alternative entry point below I would appreciate any pointers in the right direction.

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All our packages are generated with what is in jami-project (and opensuse leap 15.4 is in review)

./ will run in the scripts, but it’s not used for packaging, the .spec files are.

Build manual — Jami documentation is our doc, but generally it’s not really used for packaging.

if you got a ticket on our gitlab with detailled output after following Build manual — Jami documentation maybe @bandali will be able to help

For fedora/suse we use scripts/ & packaging/rules/rpm