Support for the new Manjaro Plasma ARM

Hi there, I have been actively supporting the Pinephone project for some time. I purchased and tinkered with the original and then bought the Pinephone Pro and have been installing nightly builds and experimenting with it since it’s release.

I think in so many ways the Pinephone project and the several operating systems that are developing for the project speak directly to the philosophy of Jami.
I am also an avid user of Jami from early on.

Is there any talk of development of Jami for the Pinephone OS’s? Manjaro, Gentoo, Postmarket, Arch, etc etc?
The coming together of these two projects would be a match made in heaven for me, as I try to degoogle my life lol

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it should work, jami is built on yocto, and I already used it on arch for the pinephone.

But I don’t think this will come from Jami’s team in the following months (except the camera which is a common issue and a Qt issue about Keyboard, it was working), I know someone wrote build instructions for arch/pinephone on a forum but it’s not in my bookmark. There is not a lot of pinephone in the wild, and this will need a time consuming packaging effort and for maintenance which is not a priority right now. The major dependency needed that can be a problem on some distributions is Qt6 (not packaged sometimes, but if built with WITH_WEBENGINE=OFF, it should be quick)

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Fantastic! Thank you for the detailed response! To be honest, I didn’t think it would have been a consideration at all, but with your info, I will attempt the Qt6 build and see if I can jury-rig a Jami install.

You are most certainly right about there not being many non-developers using Pinephone/Pro at the moment, but as with so many of these emerging technologies the progression from, “Never heard of it” to “It’s my daily driver” - can be a pretty quick one. That said, limited resources need to be meted out to the highest priority of probable success for the project as a whole. I will persevere then, until either I can figure something out, or it becomes a priority in the Jami/Manjaro ARM project. Either way, exciting times for those who are tired of being data fodder at the feed-troughs of the likes of Mark #uckerberg et al.

Thanks again for responding!

last time I tried to build was with qt5 but I guess qt6 should be available now.

Note that we may be able to help on

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Wow! This by far exceeds my expectations. I will try to get as far as I can, but will definitely seek further advice if I get hung up! Thank you for your help, and for the link!