Support request: calls not possible

Hi, me and my friend have been using Jami for a few months with some problems, like echos and calls dropping in the middle of the conversation. But in the last few weeks I can´t call him or receive his call. I can see him calling, but there is no sound, and when I click on the green “answer” sign, the call drops. Same happens to my friend when I try to call him. We both use Windows, and we both have same versions of Jami. Also, the messages that we have sent show up in wrong order or don´t show up at all, although we are both online.

How can we know if it´s up to:

  • our internet providers
  • our routers and home internet (both in EU)
  • our own computers (both Windowse, 8.1&10)
  • or something on Jami´s side?

Perhaps you could help us? Thanks!

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Hi there,

Thank you for using Jami. Would you please share which exact version of Jami you are running? Do you have a recipe to reliably reproduce the issue(s)? Any logs from the Jami daemon and/or error backtraces from crashes would also be helpful.


Hi thank you!

We both use the following version: 202011191640.

You have asked if we have a recipe to reliably reproduce the issue(s) or any logs from the Jami daemon and/or error backtraces from crashes. => What does this actually mean/where can I find these?


Cheers, and thank you :slight_smile:. I will mention this to the team to see if anyone has any ideas.

As for what I said earlier about logs, please see the bottom of this page for details on how to start Jami in a way that would display logs/details about what it’s doing:

Edit: moving the thread to the support category.

Just some questions,

Since you mentioned that there is no sound,
can you check if in this path: %yourInstallation%\Savoir-Faire Linux\Jami\ringtones
whether the default.opus works or not?

And currently, when you can your friend, what kind of flow do you get?
(like your actions and how UI responds)

Finally, as @bandali suggested, any log would be helpful


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