Support request: Integrated webcam not recognized

I have just installed Jami but I cannot select the integrated webcam (notebook) in the video settings.
My system is Linux Mint 19.3, device is Lenovo ideapad 110 and the integrated webcam is “EasyCamera”, vendor is Chicony Electronics (vendor-ID: 0x4f2, product-ID: 0xb581).

I have the same problem with my HP EliteBook, here the System is Linux Mint 20. The webcam is “HP HD Webcam” but the vendor-ID is also 0x4f2, so I guess it is also Chicony Electronics. The product ID is 0xb477.

Edit: With other applications like Skype or Zoom these cameras work fine. Also an external USB-camera (Logitech) is not shown in Jami.

2nd Edit: Is it maybe because of the desktop environment? On my notebooks I use Xfce while I use Cinnamon on my desktop PC. On my desktop PC Jami works fine.

Problem solved.
I reply to my own post because I can’t edit: The problem disappeared after installing Jami via terminal instead of using the downloaded .deb.

Everything works fine now but a nice feature would be the possibility to share a single window instead of sharing the whole screen or a part of it. These times I have to give lessons by video connection and sharing a single window would make things much more comfortable.