Swarm causes connectivity problems?

So it seems like swarm actually causes connectivity problems?

I have the same Jami account set up on Mac desktop and iOS device and another Jami account set up on a Windows PC and another iOS device.

Messages stopped being received between the two desktop devices.

Only after I opened Jami on one of the iOS device did the messages seem to come “unstuck” and start being received on the desktop devices.


Hey @Bamalamajamagram,

Did your issues get resolved with Jami’s newer updates?

Jami Community Manager

Hi, thanks for checking back on this.

Well I hesitate to say this because every time there’s a major update there seems to be a false dawn of hope but YES, this time connectivity really does seem to have improved across all devices and OS’s.

Thanks so much and congratulations to the team for all your work.

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Oh great, this is good to know and we’re super happy to read this :smiley:
Thank you!

Actually this still seems be an issue. I have the same Jami account on a number of different devices and it seems like, if Jami is sent to sleep on one of the mobile devices (it seems to happen with both Android and IOS), the messages aren’t received on any device until the sleeping instance of Jami wakes up (ie you open Jami on the device).

Maybe this is the issue?

And should be reopened:

Merci. But even then I could understand the message not arriving on the device where Jami is dormant but I would still expect to see it received on the device where Jami is active. It seems like the message not being received on one device blocks it from being received on any device.

Hello @ECaptainRaj @Bamalamajamagram

Yes, we’ve noticed it. It’s a bug, and it’s our priority for the coming months.
We’re working on improving the stability and reliability of synchronization between devices, as well as the status of message sending in chat.
We’ve released Dev update #0 to keep the community informed of Jami bugs and improvements.


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You weren’t joking! Two updates in two days on iOS. Thanks so much :+1:

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Connexion issues on android too

@Bamalamajamagram :blush:

We released a new beta version for Jami on Android and you expect a update next week.


Ok, thank you. I’ll update it

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