Swarm for small groups - member kicked but not gone

Világfa - Version: 202303232051
Kubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux, Jami installed via snap.

The swarm for small groups feature is excellent.

On one of my groups I had a user with 2 devices registered, and 8 members in all. Another person wanted to join, so I “kicked” one of the first user’s devices, hoping to add in the new member.

Although the “kicked” member is showing up as “banned”, he is not gone, and the membership list remains at 8. It isn’t possible to add the new member.

@sblin - Sébastien, is this a current “feature” waiting to be moved on, or a “bug” which I should report on git.jami.net?

Many thanks.

We’re working on removing this limit currently. So I guess it can be ignored for now (but it’s only a client bug, not daemon)

Many thanks, Sébastien.

I look forward to being able to add that person to the swarm group!