Transition from Whatsapp to Jami complete

Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work making Jami. To mark the new year I have transitioned form Whatsapp to Jami. Surprisingly about 80% of of my contacts have downloaded and now actively use Jami.

If you are a dual user of Whatsapp and Jami, I urge you to serve time on Whatsapp and bring your contacts over to Jami.


Awesome @amtrakuk I’m glad to hear it!

I have many friends and family members using Jami now but some of them are reluctant to sit down for 1 minute and set it up…


I had that issue so put a time on closing my Whatsapp (or whatever messenger) telling all your contacts when your closing your whatsapp account - that’s what I did. I even had the most reluctant doing the switch when they realised me old messenger account was closed.


Congratulations! This is really a good news, friend @amtrakuk.

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Quelle bonne nouvelle :slight_smile:

De notre coté seulement 2% utilise jami, pour nous faire plaisir ou sous la contrainte parce que nous leur avons dit que pour nous contacter c’est jami ou rien…
98% de nos contacts sont sur whatsapp que nous refusons d’utiliser.
Quels arguments avez vous utilisé pour convaincre 80% de vos contacts d’utiliser jami ???
Merci pour votre aide

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? …