Trustworthiness level of Flathub's Jami release?

Hi, looking around the official Jami releases available for GNU+Linux I’ve found repositories for various distros and the snap package (I suppose also the code to compile).
I’ve been using Flatpak/Flathub specifically for Delta Chat, and then found this release:

I understand it’s not official. Does anyone know if it’s at least secure, reliable, etc.? Or who maintains it (or how)?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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The Flatpak is indeed community-maintained. That, combined with the fact that I haven’t used it myself, means I can’t say much about it. However, its current maintainer/packager has contributed a few patches to various parts of Jami, which were helpful and much appreciated. That might say something about their attitude towards Jami and free/libre software in general. :slight_smile:

It appears that the repository for the package definition is at, and from what I can tell, it’s fairly active and up-to-date. So you could give it a shot if you like, and find out for yourself. Also since the package definition are publicly available and from what I can tell freely licensed under the GPLv3+ like Jami itself, you could clone the repository and try building the flatpak yourself.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: