Tutorial/Guide on getting a P2P connection

I think a tutorial/guide should be within the Jami app to explain to users how to establish a truly P2P connection, such as explaining how uPNP, DHT and TURN servers work with a basic explanation. And how you need to configure your firewall and NAT to get a P2P connection or else you will rely on TURN servers.

If your internet gets restricted or shutdown, such a guide built within the app will be useful if it is not possible to access the internet for such a guide and the guide can instruct the user, even to some extent on how to configure everything for Jami to work P2P when P2P is needed.

This guide can be found inside the app and can also appear to the user when Jami cannot connect to the boostrap server or TURN server.

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Yes this would be great!
With a visual checklist of which requirements are/are not already being met

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Jami can use up to 5 servers.
More informations:

This thread is also useful:

This feature request is to have a guide within the Jami app on how to configure Jami to work in a P2P mode without TURN or STUN servers.