UI Basics for the macOS app version


A few basic UI-related things:

  • The possibility to change font size (macOS app) - the current fixed size font is too small for many people with higher resolution displays, etc.
  • When selecting a file for uploading/sharing with someone via jami, there could be a middle step, some kind of confirmation dialog, because now if I do a wrong selection in the system file request window it immediately starts to upload that file without any chance to correct such a mistake.
  • Possibly optional selection of whether one wants to commit a message with enter key or use enter for multi-line message input and send it with clicking on the button.

That last one is of course not that important, but the first two highly impact the usability of the app for me.
Thank you for your work.

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Hi @mercy, thanks for sharing this feedback! These could be helpful to the developers but I think they might be better to put on the issue tracker. Would you mind filing issues for these?

There is also this guide to filing bug reports.