Unable to reach bootstrap.jami.net


I’m debugging why I can’t connect to Jami in my home. But I can at work using the same laptop. After some digging, I find that I cannot ping bootstrap.jami.net despite being able to resolve addresses correctly. And switching from my home wifi to 4G (via my cellphone) immediately solves the issue. My best guess is that my ISP blacklised that address for some unknown reason. Or a bad route somewhere.

Is there a way to change where Jami bootstraps OpenDHT? I do have a VPS and it runs OpenDHT normally. Could I point Jami to my VPS and use it to start Jami? Or even use it as a proxy?

Edit: Another piece of evidence being I can bootstrap from my VPS but not bootstrap.jami.net

bootstrap.jami.net is just a DHT node, any another node of the network will be a valid bootstrap

How do I get Jami to bootstrap from other nodes? Bootstrapping OpenDHT from the commandline is easy. I don’t see options or configs to bootstrap Jami’s internal OpenDHT node from another server

In the advanced settings for the account, you can change “bootstrap.jami.net” to another address

Hi, @sblin, sorry to interrupt: is there any (official?) list of DHT nodes?
Thanks a lot.

I think I had the same issue. This is what I did: