Use only Generic Push Notifications

When a Push Notification gets sent, if a part of a message is included in the Push Notification, that part of the message gets revealed to the Push Service (that part of the message gets revealed to Google or Apple):

It is therefore recommended that no part of the message be included in a Push Notification. Instead, the “data” portion of the Push Notification should always be set to a generic message for all of the users for every message. Something like: “New Jami message.”

If a part of a message gets included in Push Notifications, then the communication service cannot truthfully be labelled as end-to-end encrypted.

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  1. The notification doesn’t contain any DHT value, it is just a wake up notification or a timeout notification. Jami will perform a get on DHT after it receives a wake up notification.
  2. In Swarm (includes 1:1 swarm) , messages are sent via TLS connection, not DHT.
    Push notifications support · savoirfairelinux/opendht Wiki · GitHub
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