User testing issues: contact names, default font in Windows

I try Jami every now and then with random friends, and I note the experience.
Two issues this time (last time it was crashing, so some good progress!):

  1. Serif font in Windows as default; apparently my friend gets a Serif-type font, while in Linux I get a much more readable Sans type font.
  2. I cannot assign a name to the contact (maybe I just don’t find how); as in real life people may have different nick names in different contexts, it’s really important to allow people to identify contacts with different names/notes (example: “Jane Doe [SomeConference]”).
    This is much more important to have than an advertised name. Actually, advertised names are dangerous and can be used to impersonate/confuse people and I suggest that they are removed (instead, at the first conversation, there should be a tiny bar asking to assign a name, which one can do after communicating a while).

Hi @kiwi, I agree about number 2. I couldn’t immediately find an issue for it but I think it’s “on the radar” so to speak.