"waiting for contact" message in file share

My contact and I are experiencing a problem when using the file share function in chat. Sometimes when I send a file via chat, I see a message on the file in the chat indicating, “waiting for contact.” My contact is not able to see the file or download it. When I exit Jami and log back on, the message changes to “incoming transfer”, but the contact is still unable to access it. Hoping there is a simple explanation/solution and that an answer in this forum will help others as well.

What OS are you using?
If you are using Windows 10:
Maybe you need to launch Jami as an administrator:

Yes, Windows 10. I tried resending while logged in as admin. The other user was not logged in at the time, but still getting the “waiting for contact” message. Do we both have to be logged in?

If you mean logged in as admin: I would say it depends on the destination path (C;D; etc.) but genreally I recommend that all participants launch Jami as an admin.
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