Wget Jami-Swarm-x86_64.AppImage downloading does not work

wget https://dl.jami.net/alpha/Jami-Swarm-x86_64.AppImage

The file appears to be an appimage. Running the above command
does not work. It results in an error message. How do
I download the file?
Why is there no common link for downloading the
file? A link like other files have.

jami’s website
can you get a hash sum
for the appimage
file? Thanks.

there is no appimage anymore, it’s now in beta and in release on a lot of platforms (https://jami.net/first-jami-beta-with-swarm-support/)

So now, just follow https://jami.net/download-jami-linux/

Indeed. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of adding them again at some point in the future though.

Are you saying all downloads on
are the jami beta version? And they all support

I already had jami installed. Running
jami I cannot find an about jami
option in the menu. The package manager says
version 20210930.1.835f5ae~dfsg1-1 is
installed. Is that a swarm supporting version?

that’s what the article is saying.

Right click on the contact, profile, if you see “Is Swarm:” your version is compatible

I found the about jami in jami. The version
is 202110011957

Yes, that version should have Swarm support. For individual conversations, you can do what @sblin suggested to check if that conversation is Swarm or not.