What if I receive a message sent a long time ago

Sometimes we may receive messages from a long time ago, and if we sort them by time, we may miss out on these “new messages” that were sent a few days or even months ago but we have only just received them.

Therefore, I suggest displaying the segmentation line for newly received messages when clicking to enter the conversation. For example,


Previously received messages


Newly received messages


Then, after these messages are read, cancel this dividing line.

This way, we are less likely to miss messages that were sent a long time ago but we have only just received them.

If my suggestion is useful or useless, can you give me a definite response? Thank you.


Yes, there should be a visual hint, for example a different color or border, to see messages that were never read when you enter a conversation. At the present time, there is no way to detect when new old messages just received have been inserted in a discussion between old messages.


Yes, many software have optimizations in this area, and they all have mature solutions. The official can refer to their designs

Or design a button that can be clicked to jump to the previous unread message. Also, can you take a look at my other solution

I think this does require, for example
The latest news was sent on the 16th
But a message sent on the 10th was not received until the 16th.
So this message will be ignored by us, but if it is relatively important, it can be frustrating.