What is a Jami account?

Jami is not like any other communication software. It’s not based on any central server and your account is only stored on your device. When you want to use Jami with your account, you don’t have to use a classical login/password authentication.

When you create a new Jami account, you don’t have to provide private information like a mail or a phone number. Here are the information you can provide (all optionals):

  1. An avatar
  2. A display name, it’s the name client will display on your contact entry with the avatar. It can contains special character.
  3. A username, this is a unique identifier and can be the direct translation of your JamiID. This identifier is stored on a server (ns.jami.net by default). Cf https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/ring-project/wikis/technical/Name-Server-Protocol for more details on how you can use your own name server.
  4. A password. This password is used to protect the account archive in your device.

After this step, the client will generate an archive (protected by the password you gave). This archive will contains your account’s keys. And a JamiID is now created (a 40 chars length string. Technically, this ID is the fingerprint of your public key.

And that’s it, you have a Jami account.

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