What is considered "spam" here?


I am very sorry to bring up such a meta-discussion. Some time ago I have spent my time to write two rather detailed posts to express my view on this project and suggest possible ways of improvement. Sadly, both of them were marked as spam. I believe, that most disputes are caused by differences in how both parties understand the rules.

I suppose, that it happened because I mentioned some software. In one case it was to demonstrate a good implementation of a certain feature, which can be replicated in Jami, in other - to suggest a possible additional transport for calls. I thought that it was normal to do so, but maybe here it is considered to be wrong.

I have read the community guidelines and saw, that there is no strict description of what is considered to be a spam and what is not. I humbly ask admins and the community to be more specific on this matter, because such uncertainty hinders healthy conversation.

I also edited my posts to remove mentioning of other software. The system notification I received promised, that after editing that posts they will be automatically unhidden - at least until someone flag them again. But they were not unhidden even for a moment. This may be a bug in this forum’s software.

Hi there,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and apologies for the inconvenience. Your two posts were automatically flagged by the system (the Discourse forum software itself) for manual review, with the following justification/explanation underneath each one:

This new user tried to create multiple posts with links to the same domain. All posts from this user that include links should be reviewed. See the newuser_spam_host_threshold site setting.

Essentially a false positive. I have raised this issue with our infra team, asking them to look into tweaking that threshold to a more useful value.

Naming other free/libre software messenger applications as long as the overall discussion is related to Jami is completely fine, and should not be reason for putting the post under moderation. As such, after manually restoring your two posts, I reverted each of them to their original version containing the names of those pieces of software.

I hope this helps, and sorry for the confusion this has caused.

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Maybe, it would be good to also add a domain whitelist? The domain linked in both posts is git.jami.net.

And thanks for your rapid response!

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Indeed, along with bumping that threshold up a bit, I also requested that a few domains including git.jami.net and f-droid.org be added to the forum’s domain whitelist which should help reduce false positives.