What is the SIP template I need to finish the setup?

I’ve been trying to set up JAMS for over two years but I’ve been stopped at the same point each year, where it asks for a “SIP template”:

I did find mention of a any SIP template in the docs since the first time I tried this, or the second… I’ve not seen any change at all, anywhere.

And it looks a little dead in here too but I’m desperate. I burned my usernames already so this is the best chance I have of getting something that’s not as ephemeral.

Could you tell me about this SIP template file the set up requires in order to finish? It won’t let me go further without it.

In the screenshot above, that’s what it looks like. That’s it. The big blue button does nothing. Although, it could also be because of all of the external resources the proxy is blocking**, I don’t know. There sure are a a handful of tracking domains/connections made from/in this privacy-focused app. :confused:

Any guidance is better than what I have (nothing), and I’ll be grateful for it.

System specs, environment
Just covering all bases…

  • Debian 11
  • Java is OpenJDK 17.0.10+7-Debian-1deb11u1, mixed mode, sharing.
  • No httpd, NGINX proxy in host,
  • …external HAProxy otherwise, because…
  • No communications (web) TLS in host.
  • CA cert is a custom subordinate CA of Active Directory’s own Enterprise [subordinate] CA. That’d be the second level (or third?) down from the root.

Thanks !


via Content-Security-Policy, Permissions-Policy

Hello @senseivita,

The SIP configuration template file is optional and should not be affecting this last step of the setup.

The error 401 on the GET request on /install/lastStep and the error 405 on /install/settings suggest to me that the JAMS client is having trouble communicating with the server.

Is your server running on port 8080? If not this might be what is causing the issue.

You can specify the server port by launching JAMS with:

java -jar jams-launcher.jar 8080 <your_server>.pem <your_server>.key

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering,

I was kind of losing hope. I meant to answer sooner too, but I wanted I grayscale logo of Jami for but it was a little tricky to design. I apologize.

I’m glad I didn’t post the screenshot without the dev console open, I was unsure if it would be just noise or actually helpful.

Anyway though, the server runs on port 6443:

Should it not? Because, if I may why would the port need to be specified if it will only run on, or rather, expect port 8080? From client-side’s perspective it doesn’t need to know what ports it’s using, doe— never mind. Must I NAT ports 8080/6443 in addition to the proxied traffic then?

Also, I was thinking… Since this is a CA, I assume like any other PKI it must have some validation/revocationCheck method, which is usually unencrypted. Do you know if that’s true on JAMS as well?

I made a little drawing/diagram to illustrate the configuration it has right now, and some possibilities I think there might be based on what you mentioned— If you're so kind to continue helping me you can do it with one keystroke, {B..G} 💡🤓 voici:

Y’know, that how the band came about. These were hardcore geeks that wanted to invent their own keyboard in the '70s, much like Dvorak. But oh no! Dispair ! Theirs only had from latin letters B to G, and you inserted all the rest of the characters with modifier keys… options, control, super, and mega, of course. It was super minimalistic, so it also needed the supermega and ultramega modifier keys. People would say in a mocking tone “oh look here come the BeeGees,” they were starting to adopt the mocking tone themselves so they quit computing and went into music but the tone stuck, that’s why they sang like they did. That’s a completely true story if you don’t care about facts, or the truth; a story I didn’t know where else to type. :joy: And I lost my train of thought again.

It’s kinda big, >4500px × side, I shrunk it so it fits on the message board but it might be necessary to save it or drag it to a new tab

Jams traffic routing

Would one of those configurations work?

I didn’t consider ports 80 and 443 on the Java app, because…well, it’s a Java app; they’re never on those ports.

I’m anxious now, I can almost see the empty contact list already. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @senseivita,

From what I see, it looks like the web client will always try to communicate with the JAMS backend through port 8080. Thus, I think options B, C, D, E or F should work in the configurations you presented. If you compiled the web client yourself, you could change the url_port constant value in glubalUrls.tsx to “6443” and it will probably work.

Being able to configure the backend port on the web client is good feedback and is something that should be addressed in the future of this project.

Hope this helps,