What is the translation workflow with Transifex?

I’m reviewing French translations in Transifex. I need to better understand the Transifex translation workflow to optimize my work.

I’ve numbered the questions so we can have precise answers.

1. Localized versions management
First, there are international French (fr) messages files and variants (French Québécois fr_ca, French Wallon fr_be, etc.) for all francophones cultures. How are managed these variants relating to revisions and localized versions?

For instance, let say that the developer creates a message entry Enter your email.
The international French translator adds the Saisir votre email translation.
If a translator wants to add a French Québécois translation, does he need to provide a translation for all entries? As Transifex does not displays message files, it is difficult to understand if all entries are copied from base language (fr) or if non-existent entries are inherited from the base.

If there is an inheritance mechanism, reviewing the base language will automatically benefit all variants. And I won’t have to review all variants…

1.1. Does such inheritance exist?

Sometimes, while reviewing a localized variant, for instance fr_ca, I find a better translation that can be used with both fr and fr_ca and probably other variants. If this inheritance mechnanism exists, I must also refrain from changing this translation directly in fr_ca, when this translation is defined in fr message file only.

1.2. If that’s the case, does Transifex offer a way to see in which locale a message is defined? And can we easily correct a base message entry from a localized message file?

2. Level of corrections
In the case of the French language, we already have localized messages. But there’s still some revision work to be done. Here are a few cases, by increasing importance:

  1. Better wording. Entrez votre courrielSaisissez votre courriel
  2. Consistency, using the same term in different places of the application. Paramètres vs Réglages
  3. Typos. Entrée votre emailEntrez votre email
  4. Contra-sens. Envoyez un email instead of Saisissez un email

The first two instances are nice-to-have improvements, while the last two are must-have corrections that must be included in the message files.

2.1. How can I indicate in Transifex the level of importance of a correction (must have vs nice to have)?

3. Multiple translations

3.1. When there are multiple proposals by different translators, how is the final translation selected?