What kind of server do I need to set up on my Interanet(LAN), to use Jami's video talk?


I’m looking for intranet-only (no internet) 1:1 videotalk solution. My network(LAN) allows only TCP and the connected clients cannot talk each other. They connect to one single central server like this:

Client1 —shadowsocks—>| |
| ServerA | <======> Internet
Client2 —VPNx---------->| |

  • Client1/2/3…99 are connected to same server; they receive 127.x.x.x IP.
  • Only TCP request got relayed.
  • Client<-> Client requests are blocked, but Client—>ServerA is accepted.

So I want to host some relay server on the ServerA/tcp, so the C1’s Jami and C2’s Jami can reach to it?


  1. C1 connect to (ServerA’s IP):6666/tcp
  2. C2 connect to (ServerA’s IP):6666/tcp
  3. The Port6666 daemon(Jami Relayer) relay packets to C1/C2

Can this be possible? Which daemon do I need to run on ServerA, in order to use Jami on my LAN only? (I do not need to talk to outside, just for intranet)

You need VPN (with layer 3 connectivity) , calling with Jami requires UDP.

The DHT too. Also QUIC is on UDP too. What is the reason to block UDP?

:smiling_face_with_tear: NTP (Network Time Protocol) is on UDP too.