What was the last version that supported Android 5.1 and where can I fetch it from?

I am trapped on Android OS 5.1 which currently has Jami 20220615-01. This version is very buggy and unusuable for SIP calls.

First question: what version is the last version that was released with AOS 5.1 support? And also how would I determine the version without asking? I looked for release note history on git.jami.net (Android repo) and could not find it.

Second question: where can I download the version I need from? F-droid only has 2 versions and they are both very recent.

(edit) If found old versions here:

And apparently I am already on the last version for AOS 5.

The last version that supported Android 5.1 is 20220805-01 (339), because commit 35a2c159734e8b832ee6c3397700d31c0fa4260c dropped support for Android 5 and 6. But f-droid have not built 339. (Build metadata)

If you need a SIP client for Android 5.1, I suggest switching to other implementation.

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