Where to report UI bugs I experienced on Android?

I installed Jami on my android device (running Andoird 5.0.1) from F-Droid. I noticed some bugs on the user interface and wanted to know where it is the best to report these issues. Is it better here in the forum or on gitlab for the devs to see the issues?
And another question, are the UI bugs known issues due to android 5 or is it worth it to report them?
Thanks for your help!

Does anyone has an idea? If not, I will maybe try to ask on Gitlab :slight_smile:

issues must be sent on the tracker.

are the UI bugs known issues due to android 5

If it’s related to android 5 it will probably not be fixed

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Thanks for the information. I will maybe send some photos and if these bugs will not get fixed it’s not a problem :slight_smile:

I finally made the step and opened a lot of issues :sweat_smile:
That was a lot of time and a little bit painfull, but hopefully it will improve the android app :slight_smile:



I’ve been using the Jami Android app for a few days now, and I recently noticed that it has some bugs that need to be fixed. I ran into these bugs when I was trying to add a new task:

  • The profile screen is not scrolling down when I am viewing the last few profiles.

  • The profile screen is not showing all of the photos if there are more than 4 photos in the profile.