Why does not push restart Jami?

I have some Android devices that admittedly are very unreliable about keeping apps alive. But even when using dhtproxy with UnifiedPush and the Ntfy app (which remains running), it seems that Jami is not able to wake up on incoming calls.

I tried to manually force Jami to shut down (from Android’s app settings). Then I call that account whose client was forced down. But the app remains shut down. Isn’t that how push should work, the app should be restarted on incoming call?

User killing is different from the OS killing. And push will not (at least should not) restart the app in this case. You can see it with adb logcat where GCM (or ntfy) intent will be cancelled by the OS.

Also by default ntfy.sh got low limit, so I’d recommend to use your own up server if possible (else notifications may not arrive). You can check with the url given by the ntfy app. If no new notification arrives on this topic, it’s probably rate limited.

Thanks! That’s good information. Didn’t know about the limit of ntfy.sh. So if I configure ntfy app to use the custom server, will Jami tell dhtproxy to talk to that custom server?

yes, the topic is shown in the app (and can be followed via logs or another device with the topic’s url opened).

On mine, I followed Sending messages - ntfy to remove the limitations (else you can see some error “429” due to rate limiting)