Why Jami doesn't work through the Tor network?

I tried to run Jami through Tor network on my mobile device.
It came out that it doesn’t work.
I can’t send or receive any messages with Jami while running it through Tor.
Is this normal or not ?
What do you know about this ?
Because it’s a major privacy issue in my opinion.

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Does any two-way communications protocol run through Tor?? You can either know each other’s IP, or you’re communicating through a relay (meaning the relay knows both IPs), but I think Tor is more geared towards one-way communication, hiding the IP of the initiating party.

I think jami doesn’t work under Tor because Tor is TCP-only. Usually video conferencing requires a UDP connection.

jami does not support anonymity. Anonymity requires proxies in the communication structure. In this way, the dht network is completely useless. dht was originally designed for direct connection.
Anonymous serverless chat needs to be designed specifically for tor or i2p network.

Tox messenger works over Tor.

How do you configure Jami to use a DHTProxy?