Will the raspbian repo get updated? Version is 03 2021

I tried to run jami on my rpi4, but the version coming with the raspbian is to old.
Anyway to trigger an update or has somebody link to a new version?
Maybe building from source?

building from sources is prefered.

But raspbian was never added to https://jami.net/download-jami-linux/

We don’t have the human resources to maintain a repo for that distribution + do the maintenance.
Also building Qt on Arm needs a lot of work, so no, the repo will probably not be updated in the following months.

yes raspbian is not on the site, but i found it in the dirs.
Maintaining is difficult for that many distro. Maybe drop fedora (just kidding).
So build qt on arm would be difficult. Is this only true for the gui part because the deamon is seperate.
Is GTK not mainline anymore or an alternative for jami? I thought everything would be easier to port using the big two gtk or qt. Now it seems to be not case.
So maybe in the future there will be an update but not for the qt?
Right now i use 03 2021 with peers of the actual x64 version. Are there big incompatibles for transfering big files above 5gb? I only examine weird file sizes, as 5gb shown as 1gb, but 3gb files just work fine. Sad, the rasp with x2go using jami would be great for me because it is always running.

if you only need jami-daemon, it’s pretty easy.

Also, @bandali sent a pull request to debian to update the version. They build for arm and the repo will be compatible to raspbian

Thanks! Great news. Hope they do it. Do i understand right, that i will not find raspbian on the jami download page. Instead the/my raspbian repo gets updated packages?
Will this work when the qt stuff needs manual fixing for arm or will they built a new deamon but with an outdated GTK GUI?
Is there any alternatives for the GUI besides qt/gtk? Is the GTK GUI still maintained?