Windows echo cancellation

We are trying Jami as a virtual office tool to replace Skype. In our use case the call is open all the time between two offices. It is Windows 10 at both ends. We have a problem with echo cancellation not working well in one direction although it works fine the other way.

Does anyone have guidance on optimizing the audio settings in a Windows environment to minimize echo? We have dropped down to the G.711u audio codec which helps a little. Echo cancellation has been set to ‘system’ from auto - which also seems to help a little.

We are running one end on an old i3-3.40GHz CPU which is not stressed at all (22%cpu/28% memory). Our video is perfect, so we don’t think it is compute power, but think it is some arcane audio codec setting.

At the moment we are not quite as good as Skype - which is a disappointment.

Any advice?


If system’s echo canceller exists, Jami shouldn’t fall back to the chosen audio processor’s echo canceller when echoCancel is set to auto.:no_mouth:

:thinking:Do other echo canellers work well?

audioProcessor: webrtc
echoCancel: audioProcessor


audioProcessor: speex
echoCancel: audioProcessor

Some devices have a Acoustic Echo Cancellation effect, you can find it in Control Panel → Sound → Recording → Properties → Enhancements