Workaround for lack of notifications in Gnome?

Using Eleutheria from Flathub on Fedora workstation 39 with Gnome 45.1, Jami notifications do not work. Although I can turn on notifications under settings/apps/jami, nothing happens. Jami does not appear in the list of apps under settings/notifications.

user logs reveal the following:
Dec 22 09:30:58 x1-gen-7 flatpak[1646097]: sdbus exception: [System.Error.ENOTCONN] Failed to flush bus on opening (Transport endpoint is not connected)

D-spy reveals the following:

I have details of the jamid crash, but the report is rather verbose.

Would be grateful for any guidance.

Hats off to the Savoir-Faire team. Apart from my small issue the software is brilliant in concept and pretty nicely executed.

The Flatpak is community maintained, but provides repository and notifications are working.

For flatpak, my guess is that there is a missing authorization (because snap are containerized)

Yes. I archived the account, uninstalled the flatpack, installed from the Jami repo, and restored the account from archive. Notifications work now.

Thank you for your help.