Cannot remove known devices

Hi, years ago when Jami was called Ring I created an account on my old Android phone and one on my old Android tablet and communication was working although being a little buggy at that time.

Recently I decided to try Jami on my Raspberry Pi 4 with Arch Linux ARM and LXDE desktop. I installed the jami-gnome package with all its dependencies. I decided to use the phone account also on the Pi by linking it using the PIN method. And lo and behold: it worked.

Strangly enough on my Android phone I don’t see any linked device (shouldn’t there be the Pi?). On the Pi however I see 2 linked devices each represented by an 8 digit alphanummerical number with the long ID number underneath. One has a ‘settings’ wheel sign on the right which allows me to edit the name. The other has a ‘one way do not enter’ sign on the right which shows “Revoke device” on hover.

Both numbers and ID’s do not ring a bell with me, both ID’s are not the ID’s from my phone or tablet account. If I remove the second device (“Revoke device”) it disappears from the list but after a couple of seconds it appears back again! I’m wondering what these devices are and how to get rid of them.

This morning after a fresh start (power up) of the Raspberry Pi I looked again in the account and the second device seems gone now (yesterday it kept coming back). Is this normal behaviour?

That still leaves me with the first known device with the ‘settings’ wheel beside it. Could this be the actual Raspberry Pi device? If so I do not understand the ID. Let me try to make it more clear by showing the account settings:

PHONE (Android)
Registered username: johndoe (not the real name, just example)
Identity : long string ending with 8200
This device : PC16

PC (Arch Linux ARM, LXDE, jami-gnome)
Username : johndoe (linked from PHONE)
ID : long string ending with 8200 (same as johndoe on PHONE)
Known devices linked to this Jami account:
long string ending with 58fb

So what is this linked device on the PC? I cannot place the ID.

Hi @foobar, yes, the first device with the settings gear is your own device, the Raspberry Pi.

The 8-digit alphanumeric number is supposed to be a hostname (I think).
I know at least one other person had this problem.

The ID below the ‘hostname’ is not your public key, it’s the device certificate (or maybe the fingerprint of the device certificate).

Hi @wrycode, thanks for the detailed reply. However this means that with the jami-gnome package there’s an error in the Account page layout. The device with the settings gear is listed under “Known devices linked to this Jami account” where it should be under “This device” like on the Android version. But the Account page doesn’t have a “This device” section. That’s confusing, at least to me.

I’m still wondering where this 8-digit number comes from. It’s definitely neither the Pi’s serial ID (/proc/cpuinfo) nor is it the hostname (/etc/hostname). Since I’m an Arch Linux user I’d like to know what’s under the hood so maybe there are other Raspberry Pi users who can share a light on this.

Yep, the 8-digit number is just the “device name” . It defaults to the hostname for me (e.g. “wrycode” or “iPhone”) but I can rename it from jami-gnome or jami-qt with the pen icon. I don’t know if renaming it is implemented in the Android app.

I agree that that having a “This device” section might be easier for new users than listing the devices all together.

Indeed, in jami-gnome there’s only one device section, “Known devices linked to this Jami account”. However, I just implemented (5d8c5099) a “This device” label that will be shown above the name of the current device in the device list. This will be available in the next release, and will hopefully more clearly indicate the current device. :slight_smile:


Hi @bandali, I’ll be happy to test the next release, thanks.

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