Certificate Authority in Jami

I would like to create a Certificate autorithy for a association; How can I sign the certificat with Jami ?

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Hello @mslagmu ,
I had a rather related question, that you may check here.
I am not educated enough to deal with the answer myself, but it may help you.
In case you succeed please come back to post here :wink:

@mslagmu could you clarify what you’re trying to do a little? Are you trying to use your Jami certificate to sign another certificate? Or you want to use an existing certificate to sign a Jami account certificate?

I would also like to know about the latter. The docs seem to say it’s possible to use a CA, but of course the vast majority of Jami certificates will be self-signed. This feature might be something planned for organizations though.

I want to make a group of users and crontrol all identities with a CA. For exemple i could use openssl to create cerificates and use theses certificates in jami like one can make with email

JAMS do that Discover Jami Account Management Server (JAMS) to facilitate the use of Jami within your organisation