China will implement an app whitelist system

It is a sad story that the Chinese government has announced on their website that they are about to implement an app whitelist system.

According to speculation from Chinese netizens, the whitelist system is targeted at network providers.

Quanzhou, China has conducted an experiment on the Internet IP whitelist.

Perhaps in the future, peer-to-peer communication will become the last line of defense for protecting personal data security.

We can rely on peer-to-peer protection of our data unless the internet is completely eradicated.

I hope our rights will not be violated.

I hope Jami can adapt to such a harsh environment, as public DHT nodes are likely to be directly banned,

We can rely on quickly building DHT nodes to temporarily restore the DHT network (although this DHT may soon be banned, it is sufficient to support us in building communication channels)

This is the best way I have come up with.


This policy is outrageous, but I think it will just accelerate development of peer-based networking protocols. I will link related threads here for reference:


Yes, a shocking policy is tantamount to trampling on human rights

Why hasn’t Jami on f-droid been updated? This time it seems to be slower than before

" Volunteers form a core part of F-Droid. You can help too: If you see an application missing from the repository, please feel free to submit it via the dedicated Requests For Packaging issue tracker. If you have the technical skills required, you can also put together the relevant metadata and submit that via the F-Droid Data repository, which will drastically speed up inclusion of the application. The same applies for helping to build newer versions of applications. Further information can be found in the documentation, or by asking in the chat. "

Updating apps already in F-Droid

You may use the issue tracker to report issues on app metadata or issues with the packages distributed through our repository. For instance:

  • an app is outdated · master · F-Droid / Data · GitLab


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Because of JDK version……376 requires Java 17. You can submit a merge request to fix it.

      - apt-get update
      - apt-get install -y openjdk-17-jdk-headless
      - update-java-alternatives -a

Great Firewall news & technical references

:bookmark_tabs::bar_chart: How the Great Firewall of China detects & blocks fully-encrypted traffic


“A study by Citizen Lab reveals that WeChat also spies on foreigners to relay data to its machine-learning system, which is then used for censoring content in mainland China.”

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Thank you, this is very helpful

Just wondering, should it be necessary to clone the repo for a merge request if that is the only change? --Maybe there should be a dedicated interface for this? Same on GitHub, if you only need to submit metadata (like app icon pack in a single binary blob) why should you have to clone the repo and write 2 pull requests?

If Jami team is too busy to include [change log/release notes] with updates then of course they are too busy to handle F-droid distribution. (And maybe they did not know that Google’s app store is blocked in China.) When the F-droid version gets old, people start looking in other app stores — but will have to uninstall the F-Droid version for continuous updates from the alternative repository because the developer’s signature is different:

Release 20230728-01 (375), F-Droid version

Release 20230810-01 (376), Play Store version

Properties shown in App Manager:

Note the difference between push services in the Play Store and F-droid versions (which is not clearly explained here). I don’t know which push service is more reliable – but if you need the latest version and cannot access the Play Store, you can try one of the mirrors below…

Updated Google Play Store mirrors:

“Anyone can submit an APK to APKMirror whether it’s the real developer of the app or someone else. However, APKMirror will verify that APK file before publishing.”

To ensure that developer’s signature matches Google Play Store version:

Also the ZTE App Store will accept mirror requests in the search dialog of the ZTE mobile app. (If the search fails, you can submit a request to include something from the Play Store)


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