Need to use central servers

in home page you can read “Jami is completely peer-to-peer and doesn’t require a server for relaying data between users.

But let’s do this example: if one or all five servers/services mentioned on were down would it still be possible to communicate with other users or not? if so, how would Alice look for Bob to exchange messages/files?

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Lot of explanations are in the article and on, but quickly

1/2: push notifications & the OpenDHT proxy, so if goes down or is blocked, push will not work, accounts with push will not connect, but it’s optional, so disabling push & enabling “run in background” and account will uses the DHT without the proxy

  • If goes down or is blocked and no other DHT node is cached, the account will not be able to the DHT, but specifying any another DHT node (can be another Jami on the LAN, another dht node in the world) and you will be able to communicate to users on that DHT
  • If usernames on will not work, but any other nameserver will. usernames are optional and hashes can always be used. So instead of adding you will use hashes
  • if one TURN goes down, if you have ipv4 only + NAT and no upnp, you will not be able to do connections with other people without upnp. But other will not care. And changing to another TURN will work.

So with or without these services, Alice and Bob will do exactly the same, contacting each part via the DHT, do a p2p link, discuss/transfer files.

Read about DHT, there is plenty of doc online about this


Hi everybody,

new user here. Do I understand correctly that TURN is only needed when a device connects via WLAN/Router. Thus a device only connected via mobile services could switch it off?

Thank you in advance!

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@jamiboy You have shared wonderful info. Thanks for sharing this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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