Sip Call without sound

Hi I own my personal Asterisk Server with a DADHI card and use Jami from my phone and my laptop to connect to, the asterisk server works if i connect a GranStream Hard SIP PHONE it works in fact I have many connected just for say everything it is correct on the server side i just want to dial out from my movil “Galaxy Note 8, android 9” I have the same issue from both no sound coming in, that means i don’t listen anything in the movil or the laptop but there is sound in the order party, First the movil I have manage some times to listen some calls changing some options but for some reason after some time I try to dial out again and then again not sound without any change on the setups I know you do a hard work developing this app and probably some day I would like to help but now there is this problem i will upload my settings captures

There is a bug I have raised - right now I can’t make SIP calls - no audio

I saw your comment on the gitlab, I feel the SIP UI interface is not fully evolved in Jami yet - I am trying to connect to a commercial SIP server so I can’t play around with the server. May be the next release will fix this bug and be better.

ohh ! you should try anyways without reboot the server it works for me but hopefully next release they fix it, but i have being dealing whit this almost a year in fact i have tray again hoping the same :stuck_out_tongue:

I will check it out, I am using Zoiper for SIP, but there is lot of packet loss on WiFi - Do you have any issues of packet loss on WiFi with Android clients? Do you suggest any other Android client

hey no I has looking for one to, but since the entrance of pjsip to asterisk all the god softphones software just stop to upgrade them, zoiper it’s bad i know that’s why I give a chance to jami and in fact i just have hang up a call from my movil over jami and it was pretty god no lose sound or any other problem just had to deal whit the registration problem for now

Are you using Jami on Android or computer?

Jami on Android ! on my Galaxy

I can make a call without removing the bootstrap server. But I never hear a ringback tone. I can hear the other person - they can’t hear me

I am not able to get it working without the bootstrap server value

no no no now set again the bootstrap to the ip of your privider

and then try again :wink:

it was always showing the IP of the provider in my boot strap - if you create a SIP account, may be you were creating a JAMI account ?

yes i know nut it have to be something on Jami if you do as i say it wirk why i dont know you only have to do it and then jami work nice do it i know it is the same value just has to doit to jami works correctly

Do you want me to create a SIP account or Jami account?

a SIP account we are talking a bout SIP

did it work ? Krishnak

Tried your steps verbatim (Which you have mentioned in gitlab) I can hear the other person - they can’t hear me