Taranis, a major release of Jami

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The Jami team is pleased to announce a new major release of Jami, Taranis! You can read the full announcement article on the Jami blog: https://jami.net/taranis-a-major-release-of-jami

The highlights of the Taranis release of Jami include:

  • Windows 11 support
  • Phase one of Swarms: synchronized 1-to-1 conversations
    • The first phase of Swarm support in Jami is now available across all platforms.
    • Swarms are fully distributed, peer-to-peer chats with conversation histories synchronized across your devices, and the potential to be expanded into group chats in upcoming future releases of Jami. See our earlier article Swarm: a new generation of group conversations to learn more about Swarms.
    • In the first phase of Swarm support, Swarms enable synchronization of 1-to-1 conversations across multiple devices associated with the same account. See the full release announcement linked above for more details.
  • Improvements to conferences and rendezvous points:
    • fine-grained moderation tools for conferences, such as ‘moderator mute’ and ‘kick’;
    • ‘raise hand’ feature for indicating intention to speak; and
    • enhanced screen-sharing now allowing sharing individual windows, in addition to the already-available options of sharing the entire desktop or a selected screen area.
    • Read more about these enhancements and new features for conferences and rendezvous points in our recent article The Jami conferencing system.
  • New Android call interface and improved mobile connectivity

Pre-built binaries/packages of Jami Taranis for various GNU/Linux distributions and other platforms can be downloaded from our official repositories. Please visit https://jami.net/download for instructions. If you have already installed Jami following the instructions on the website, you can simply upgrade to Taranis much like other releases.

If you previously installed Jami from your GNU/Linux distribution of choice’s repositories and it has not been updated for a while, we highly recommend installing Jami from our official repositories (on dl.jami.net) instead, for regular updates including bug fixes and improvements, in addition to new major releases.

As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback, and look forward to hearing from you!




Thanks for the Linux version!


A quick question : is this latest instance now avoiding IP tracking?

I mean, up to now, as far as I know, only Briar and Session use TOR-like communication chains.
Both are almost unusable IMHO, Briar by lack of features and Session because it is mangled with a bitcoin-like paying way of getting a readable pseudo.

IP tracking becomes significant as ‘even’ my western European country recently used international agreement to demand, and obtain, sender/receiver IPs in a recent very, very small issue (tracking people that wanted to organize demonstrations).

In such a context any channel not scrambling the communication line almost gives false comfort…
Is this swarm concept an answer to this too?


I don’t think swarm will resolve this issue: the purpose of swarm is, if I understand it correctly, to enable better conversation syncing and also group chats :slight_smile: Nothing in swarms is related to hide your IP


Thanks @Altons ! Still I find Jami is the best covering my main objectives (open source + encrypted + serverless + network-obfuscated). Maybe with an extra VPN…

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You can use OpenDHT.

TOR support has been already suggested:

Full tor support or other alternatives such as lokinet

Session will allow audio/video calls in the (near) future:

Once Lokinet is implemented, it will be possible to implement video and voice chat


Note: this release includes peer-to-peer calls. Onion-routed calls will be released in future once Lokinet integration is completed.

I agree- I would like to see something similar in new releases of Jami.

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Thank you @ECaptainRaj ! Indeed I need to dig further on OpenDHT. Thanks again!

MERCI les JAMIS :slight_smile:

Bonne année à toute l’équipe https://savoirfairelinux.com/fr/contact et contributeur (trice) à JAMI

Longue vie à jami !

Véronique et Jean-Luc, Auvergnats citoyens du monde, inconditionnels de jami



@Herve5 you may find the following FAQ entry informative: When do public IPs get exposed?


Thank you @bandali ! Very informative indeed!
For my personal case, being in France with the possibility to use my ISP VPN, I conclude I wouldn’t disclose a partner’s IP if I take care of switching on the VPN here. That’s my very worst case scenario :wink:

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Yesterday arrived the new Version for Mac.

The past had been difficult for Mac users, there had been a number of stability issues. In the last time, I couldn’t share my screen, neither change any settings during a conversation, many such things resulted reliably in a kind of unexpected termination with such a message, even ending the itself did this.

Now it seems like there isn’t any improved version, but an entirely new one, so far really working very well. It seems like to have taken great efforts of the developers and beta testers, as well as patience of users like me, and it’s right now beginning to bare fruits, contributing to a future I want.

Thänks to everybody who was and is contributing to this hidden weapon in a hidden war, to a peace of real and true peace, in my opinion, you are some of the greatest people of our time.

Hier est arrivée la nouvelle version pour Mac.

Le passé avait été difficile pour les utilisateurs de Mac, il y avait eu un certain nombre de problèmes de stabilité. La dernière fois, je ne pouvais pas partager mon écran, ni modifier les paramètres au cours d’une conversation, beaucoup de ces choses se traduisaient par une sorte de fin inattendue avec un tel message, même en terminant le processus lui-même.

Maintenant, il semble qu’il n’y ait pas de version améliorée, mais une version entièrement nouvelle, qui jusqu’à présent fonctionne vraiment très bien. Il semble qu’il a fallu de grands efforts de la part des développeurs et des bêta-testeurs, ainsi que la patience des utilisateurs comme moi, et il commence maintenant à porter ses fruits, contribuant à un avenir que je veux.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont contribué et contribuent encore à cette arme cachée dans une guerre cachée, à une paix réelle et véritable, à mon avis, vous êtes parmi les plus grandes personnes de notre temps.

Traduit avec www.DeepL.com/Translator (version gratuite)

En simple utilisateurs, nous sommes d’accord avec ça :wink: Merci au francophone de savoirfairelinux @sblin de faire passer le message à l’équipe et aux contributeurs :slight_smile: